Course curriculum

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    • Welcome!

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    Birth Cards - The Why

    • Birth Cards - The Why

  • 3

    The Cards

    • Introduction

    • Birth Card 1 -The Magician

    • Birth Card 2 - High Priestess

    • Birth Card 3 - The Empress

    • Birth Card 4 - The Emperor

    • Birth Card 5 - Hierophant

    • Birth Card 6 - Lovers

    • Birth Card 7 - Chariot

    • Birth Card 8- Strength

    • Birth Card 9 - Hermit

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    Calculating Birth Cards

    • Calculating Birth Cards

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    • Wrap-up

    • Get to Know Yourself Better Survey

You'll Learn

The foundational knowledge needed to get to know yourself better through Tarot birth cards.....and a new way to impress people at parties!

  • A simple method for calculating birth cards

  • Characteristics of each birth card

  • Strengths, challenges, relationship matches and career options for each birth card

Your Instructor

Michele Bourdo

Hi everyone!

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  

My name is Michele, and I'm the founder of Moxxie Coaching, the host of the Moxxie Coaching PEP Talk Podcast, and wellness course developer.

I've been using the Tarot for personal growth and development for about five years. I believe it's a valuable tool for accessing our subconscious, our intuition, and our higher self/spirit guide / fill in the blank with your term. 

I'm so sure of the value of the Tarot,  I have integrated it into my coaching practice and developed a self-coaching program for use between coaching, therapy, or counseling sessions - or completely on its own as a stand-alone tool for self-discovery. 

I'm so glad to have you join me on this journey.